The USC Brain Project, directed by Dr. Michael Arbib, is engaged in the effort to develop new tools and methodologies for neuroinformatics in modeling neural mechanisms of visuomotor coordination and exploring the evolution of the human language-ready brain, as well as conducting work in both neural modeling and database construction in relation to rehabilitation after stroke.

Action – Language – Neuroinformatics

  • The Research page links to homepages of all past and current research projects associated with the USCBP containing papers in progress, code, simulation results, and summaries.
  • Resources
    The Resources page provides many links to neuroinformatics research, tools, articles, information, and websites which may be useful to the neuroinformatics researcher as well as tools designed for internal lab use.
  • Publications
    The Publications page is a document repository for neuroinformatics publications that are the work of USCBP researchers. It provides PubMed links for each of the publications and also links to view many of the documents directly.
Dr. Michael A. Arbib Director

Dr. Michael A. Arbib

Dr. Michael A. Arbib

Fletcher Jones Professor of Computer Science University Professor Professor of Biological Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Neuroscience and Psychology Director, USC Brain Project.

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