A sentence is to speech as what is to action?


    2005, in press


    This article offers a conceptual framework for integrated analysis of subprocesses in action and language, based on goal-directed action. Anatomical substrates are discussed in the companion paper (Arbib & Bota, 2003) which approaches “Integrative Models of Broca’s Area and the Ventral Premotor Cortex” within the context of explaining why the evolution of the human brain yielded mechanisms which support language in a multi-modal vocal-manual-facial system rather than privileging the vocal mode. Arbib & Bota examine homologies between different cortical areas in macaque and human to revisit the Mirror System Hypothesis (MSH) of Rizzolatti and Arbib (1998) – the notion that the mirror system for grasping (which has its frontal outpost in premotor area F5 of the macaque) provides the substrate for the evolution of the language-ready brain which supports parity of communication. They also offer a critique and extension based on the work of Aboitiz and García (1997; Aboitiz et al., 2004). Arbib & Bota also discussed the utility of neuroinformatics in relating information across diverse cortical atlases and evaluating degrees of homology for brain regions of interest in different species (for discussion, see Deacon, 2004, and Arbib & Bota, 2004).

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