The Schematic Capture System (SCS) provides an integrated development environment (IDE) to build hierarchical neural models either by a top-down or bottom-up approach. SCS consists of the Schematic Editor, Icon Editor, NSLM Editor, Library Manager, and NSLM Viewer. SCS allows one to build a model graphically by connecting icons together into what we call a schematic. Each icon can then be decomposed further into a schematic of its own. Continue reading

Brain Operation Database (BODB)

Is a neuroinformatics database that provides a repository of bibliographical article information, Brain Operating Principles (BOPs), models, and Talairach-based brain-imaging experimental data. It also provides tools to analyze and visualize the data within it, such as a visualization tool for brain-imaging data analysis. Continue reading

Neural Simulation Language (NSL)

Our Neural Network Simulation Language, NSL (pronounced “Nissl”), is a powerful yet easy to use simulation language and development system for large-scale general neural networks. The simulator is designed and implemented following an object-oriented paradigm; and includes a high level language for describing neural networks, an interactive command interpreter, and powerful visualization tools for analyzing models in different ways. It provides a simulation environment that simplifies the task of modeling neural networks. In particular, NSL supports neural models having as a basic data structure neural layers with similar properties and similar connection patterns, where neurons are modeled as leaky integrators with connections subject to diverse learning rules. NSL runs on top of another programming language, which allows users to easily migrate their models from one programming language to another. It has currently been developed for C++, Java, and MatLab. Continue reading