BODB Structure


BODB main page

The main page contains toolbaruser information, and tag cloud sections which are visible on every page, as well as a new entries section that is only visible on the main page.

The toolbar contains the options InsertSearchTalairachWorkspace, About, and depending on the user’s level of access, Admin.

  • Insert leads to a page where the user can insert new LiteratureBrain Operating Principle (BOP), Model, or Summary of Experimental Data (SED) records
  • Search allows the user to search all BODB records
  • Talairach opens the Talairach Atlas, allowing the Talairach coordinates associated with Brain Imaging SEDs
  • Workspace opens the user’s workspace where entry drafts are listed, and model and Talairach coordinate selections can be managed
  • About leads to the page describing the history of BODB and its implementors
  • Admin allows administrators to manage other users and brain atlases

The user information section displays the user’s avatar (this can be set on the User Profile page) and provides the following options: LogoutMy ProfileMessages, and Help. If there are any unread messages in the user’s inbox, the number is displayed here.

  • Logout logs the user out of the system
  • My Profile allows the user to view and modify their profile
  • Messages allows the user to read and write messages to other BODB users
  • Help opens the appropriate help page

The tag cloud section displays the tags associated with Model, BOP, SED, Prediction, and Summary of Simulation Results (SSR) entries. The relative font size of each tag indicates the number of entries it is associated with and this number is also displayed in parenthesis after the tag name. Clicking on a tag opens a page listing all the entries associated with it. The tag cloud section can be hidden by clicking on the “

The new entries section displays the five most recently added Model, BOP, SED, and SSR entries. For each section, the orange RSS icon to the left of the section header can be clicked on for the RSS subscription feed. This can be used in any news ticker or news reading program (such as Google Reader) to get automatic updates of the latest BODB entries.