BODB User Profile

The user profile page allows users to view and change their BODB preferences and account information.

The user profile page.

The user profile page.

Profile Settings

  • First name – The user’s first name
  • Last name – The user’s last name
  • Email – Valid email address where system notifications are to be sent to
  • Email new message notifications – When checked emails will be sent to the email address above alerting the user whenever messages are received in BODB’s messaging system
  • Default Talairach Applet version – The version of the Talairach Applet to display by default
  • 2D Talairach Applet size – Width and height of the 2D Talairach Applet
  • 3D Talairach Applet size – Width and height of the 3D Talairach Applet
  • New password – New user password (must be entered twice)
  • Avatar – The user avatar. Click the “Add” button to popup an image upload window. Click the “Change” button to change the existing avatar image


BODB allows users to set up subscriptions to be automatically notified when new entries with certain keywords are added to the system. To add a new subscription, click the “Add new” link in the Subscriptions section. This will add a new subscription row. Set the notification type (email for only email notifications, message for notifications using BODB’s messaging system, or both). The Entry Type can be Model, BOP, SED, Prediction, or SSR, and the Keywords field takes a list of keywords separated by spaces. If these keywords appear anywhere in a new entry of the specified type, a notification will be sent to the user using their preferred method.