Neural Simulation Language (NSL)

The NSL Neural Simulation Language provides a platform for building neural architectures (modeling) and for executing them (simulation). NSL is based on object-oriented technology, extended to provide modularity at the application level as well.


  • Windows 98/2000/2003/XP or Linux/Unix
  • Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.6.x or greater. The latest version can be downloaded from
  • The JAVA_HOME environment variable must be set to the directory where the JDK was installed.
  • Matlab ( must be installed in order to simulate models with submodules of type NslMatlabModule. (optional)


The latest distribution of Nsl-Java is NSL-Java 3.1. It is included in the latest distribution of the Schematic Capture System (SCS), the development environment for NSL. It is recommended to simply install SCS.


The NSL and SCS documentation is available online.


You can browse the source code via the web or access the code directly via SVN (instructions here) at svn://


Several sample models are included in the installation of Schematic Capture System (SCS).


  • Schematic Capture System (SCS) - an integrated development environment (IDE) for NSL-Java. NSL is included with SCS, so if you install SCS there is no need to install NSL separately.