NSL Documentation

Introduction to NSL

An introduction to the Neural Simulation Language (NSL) and a description of its components

Simulation in NSL

A quickstart description of how to use the Schematic Capture System (SCS) to open and run an existing NSL model

Modeling in NSL

An introduction to the architecture of NSL models

Schematic Capture System

Documentation for the various features of the SCS, the visual development environment for NSL

User Interface and Graphical Windows

A description of the functions provided by the NSL user interface and its graphical output windows

The Modeling Language NSLM

The full specification of the NSLM modeling language, an extension to Java.

The Scripting Language NSLS

The full specification of the NSLS scripting language, an extension to Tcl.

NSL-Java – Matlab Integration

Documentation of the NslMatlabModule, a way to run Matlab code as a module within a Nsl-Java model.

3D Physical Simulation

Documentation on the interface with the Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) physics simulator and Java3D.

Developer’s Guide

Documentation for NSL/SCS developers.